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Issues of Undue Influence

Posted in Probate
One of the most common objections in probate contests is the allegation that the propounded instrument was a product of undue influence. In our latest entry, Ilene Cooper reflects upon two decisions from 2011 in which the Surrogate's Courts of New York and Kings Counties addressed such claims, which arose from contrasting fact patterns.… Continue Reading

Undue Influence or Duress?

Posted in Probate
As recognized by Surrogate Glen in the recent decision of Matter of Rosasco, the distinction between undue influence and duress is often blurred in the context of contested probate proceedings. Frank Santoro explains the differences between the two legal concepts in our most recent entry.… Continue Reading

Summary Judgment Granted, Dismissing Objections and Admitting Will to Probate

Posted in Probate
In Matter of Feller, a contested probate proceeding that was decided last week in Monroe County, the Surrogate addressed typical objections pertaining to due execution, testamentary capacity, and undue influence. The decision provides a cohesive illustration of the standards and considerations that Surrogates routinely utilize in addressing these allegations. Jaclene D'Agostino discusses the case in this week's entry.… Continue Reading